Bar Keeper’s Friend Review, by Sarah Aguirre

Today, we are featuring a product we love to use! ┬áThis review is by Sarah Aguirre and she is “spot on”!!

Bar Keepers Friend: Overview

I’m teaching my daughter how to scrub surfaces. We started simply with the kitchen sink. I don’t think she had ever wondered before how the sink got so shiny and fresh on certain occasions. To really get the job done, I supplied her with some cleaning gloves and a can of Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser and Polish.

I warned her that like a lot of cleaners, she’d need to be careful about working in a ventilated area and keeping the product from getting in her eyes. I had her wet down the surface of the sink and sprinkle a dusting of the Bar Keepers Friend cleanser onto that wet surface. Next she rubbed the interior and sides of the sink with a cleaning sponge. Finally she rinsed it thoroughly and used a clean towel to wipe down the interior and sides of the sink, drying them thoroughly. The results were spectacular I think she was even impressed.

Other uses for Bar Keepers Friend include stainless steel cookware, cook-tops, non-stone counter-tops, ceramic, porcelain, and copper. In the bathroom,I like to use it for sinks, tubs, showers, faucets, tubs, and toilets. Outside uses include plant and rust stains on concrete, masonry, and grout. You can also use Bar Keepers Friend to clean siding, boats, bikes, cleaning outdoor grillsand more.

Bar Keepers Friend: Pros

Bar Keepers Friend does a fantastic job in kitchens and bathrooms especially. Bathtubs, sinks, toilets, tile, faucets, stainless steel sinks and non-stone counter-tops sparkle and shine after use. Bar Keepers Friend is inexpensive and lasts a long time. A little bit of powder cleans a lot of surface area, meaning one can will last a good long while. Bar Keepers Friend can work miracles on stained stainless steel cookware, but be sure to use only as your cookware manufacturer recommends. This product is safe for septic systems.

Bar Keepers Friend: Cons

Bar Keepers Friend is not suitable for all surfaces. Delicate surfaces could be scratched or marred, so when there is a doubt you should test first in a hidden area before widespread use. The product needs to be rinsed away completely as well within one minute of application. Bar Keepers Friend can be an irritant. Avoid areas that aren’t properly ventilated. Also avoid contact with the eyes and skin or ingested. Bar Keepers Friend should also not be mixed with other household cleaners. When using with fiberglass, rub very gently with the grain. This product should not be used on gold, silver, polished stone or any surfaces that are painted or mirrored.

Bar Keepers Friend: Details and Availability

Bar Keepers Friend comes in 12 oz. or 15 oz. cans that retail for between 3.99 and 5.99 each. This product is available at most local grocery stores and other retailers that sell cleaning supplies. It is also widely available to purchase online. Bar Keepers Friend also has a specific cooktop cleaner, and soft gel scrubbing cleansers.


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