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  • Apr

Clear Away the CLUTTER

Clean away all the clutter of all the excess that fills the void; Fill yourself with all that matters Remove all that clings of the wretched past Cleanse Yourself, your Home, your Business, your Soul Be filled with only that which is Divinely Good
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Clutter Defined

Hello Friends! Today I am going to share a few thoughts and ideas about clutter. As defined, clutter is: “A collection of things lying about in an untidy mass.” Where does it come from? As I have read about the subject, there appears to be 6 types of clutter. • The “Dream” clutter; • The […]
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Creatively Re-Purpose Household Items

Here are some Creative re-purposing uses for everyday household items as told by Housekeeping expert, Sarah Aguirre: Ketchup is great for removing tarnish & stains from pots and pans Coffee grounds are great for absorbing odor Use white bread to help you pick up those tiny shards of broken glass Use uncooked rice to clean […]